Alabama Dietetic Association members will be recognized as the State's nutrition experts; and our influence in improving the health of Alabamians will be valued.



The mission of ALDA is to serve the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health, and well-being while advocating for the dietetic profession.  

Goal #1

Registered Dietitians in Alabama will recognize membership in the Alabama Dietetic Association as an affiliate of the American Dietetic Association as valuable to their career growth.


  • Establish value to the public through effective programs, services and initiatives offered by Registered Dietitians

  • Take proactive positions based on the evidence

  • Provide professional development opportunities for career success

  • Assure competence through education, accreditation and certification

  • Assess current procedures, methods of communication and professional development opportunities to recruit and retain members and ensure meaningful membership

  • Recruit members with five to seven years of practice or less to facilitate social gatherings and increase awareness of leadership opportunities at the district and state levels


Goal #2

ALDA will promote members throughout the state as the nutrition experts and as influences on positive changes in health trends among the state's population.


  • Provide opportunities for members to participate in legislative and regulatory processes at local, state and federal levels.

  • Inform the public about means of improving health with evidence-based recommendations from the RD

  • Utilize a culturally diverse membership to educate the public on health disparities impacting the state

  • Dedicate human and financial resources to promote the RD to key state stakeholders and the public and assess and modify tactics as warranted for interacting with public officials


Goal #3

ALDA will be financially sound, making the association able to support the ADAF, scholarships within the state and recommended training, meetings and CEU opportunities.


  • Monitor earnings of the investments and make recommendations to the ALDA board annually

  • Establish an Alabama Dietetic Association Foundation

  • Establish an operating budget for the annual state meeting