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Vision:  Empower and support Alabama Dietetic Association members to be the leaders in food and nutrition.

Mission:  Empowering Alabama Dietetic Association members to optimize Alabamians’ health and well-being through evidence-based food and nutrition practices.


Strategic Goal #1

Members will recognize the value of membership in the Alabama Dietetic Association, an affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as vital to their professional growth and development.

  • Empower Dietetic Professionals* to provide effective programs, services and initiatives to the public

  • Empower Dietetic Professionals to be an essential member of any collaborative health care team

  • Provide professional development opportunities for career advancement

  • Conduct administrative and marketing activities for recruitment and retention of memberships and volunteer leadership positions

  • Engage new Dietetic Professionals in social and mentoring activities that promote professional and leadership skills, supporting on-going services to the profession


Strategic Goal #2

The Alabama Dietetic Association will empower members to advocate for the dietetics professional.

  • Participate in legislative and regulatory processes at local, state and federal levels

  • Educate the public about evidence-based recommendations for improving health and wellness

  • Promote diversity and inclusion strategies through membership involvement to reduce health disparities and promote health equity in their communities.

  • Dedicate human and financial resources to promote the Dietetic Professional as the credible nutrition expert to key stakeholders and the public


Strategic Goal #3

The Alabama Dietetic Association will maintain financial stability

  • Support AND Foundation, scholarships and awards

  • Monitor earnings of the investments and make recommendations

  • Establish a balanced operating budget annually

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