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How do you find a bill?

Federal Bills:

In order to correctly locate a federal bill, it is important to know the following facts. In the United States Senate, there are 100 Senators, two per state, and they are elected on six-year staggered terms. Bills that originate in the Federal Senate are marked as S.

The leaders within the Senate are the Vice President, President Pro Tempore, Ranking Member of Majority Party, and Ranking Member of Minority Party.

In the United States House of Representatives, there are 435 Representatives plus four non-voting members. The Representatives serve two-year terms beginning in January of odd years. Bills that originate in the Federal House of Representatives are marked as HR.

The leaders within the House of Representatives are the Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader, House Minority Whip.

For Federal bills, visit the official web sites of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

State of Alabama Bills:

To correctly locate a state bill, you will like to either the Alabama "Alison" web site Alabama Legislative Information System Online which is maintained when the legislature is in session. At all times, bills may be found at the official web site of the State Legislature.

There are 35 Senate districts within the state of Alabama and bills that originiate here are designated as SB. The leaders within the Alabama Senate are the Lieutenant Governor, President Pro Tempore, and Secretary of the Senate.

There are 105 Representative districts within the state and bills that originate here are denoted as HB. The leaders within the Alabama State House of Representatives are Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore, and Clerk of the House.