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Public Policy Panel and ADA Structure

ALDA Public Policy Panel

ALDA's Public Policy Panel is made up of our Public Policy Coordinator, State Policy Representative, State Regulatory Specialist, ALDA's President, the Chairperson(s) of the Reimbursement Committee and ALDA's Executive Director. RDs with advocacy expertise in certain specialty areas are appointed to serve on an interim basis as needs and issues arise.

To contact them:
Public Policy Coordinator - Susan Scott
(256) 533-1447 |

State Policy Representative - Susan Miller
(205) 934-3223 |

State Regulatory Specialist - Patricia Marincic, PhD, RD

ALDA President - Mary Martin Nordness
 (251) 690-8843 |

Nutrition Coverage Services Committee Co-Chairs Megan Lindsey, MA, RD, CHES
(251) 690-8843 |

Licensure Board Liasion - Debbie Morrison
(334) 260-7970 |

ALDA Executive Director - Larry Vinson
(334) 260-7970 |

The Academy's Policy Action Framework

Grassroots Network: This consists of The Academy members nationwide who represent and act as liaisons to other members in their state and/or congressional district.

Public Policy Coordinator (PPC): Serves as a key connection/conduit between The Academy government relations and grassroots leaders on The Academy public policy stances and processes. Coordinates Public Policy Workshop visits to policy makers. Communicates The Academy's nationwide and federal issues to WSDA and affiliates. This member serves on the Public Policy Panel. The PPC is appointed by the Board President for a Three Year Term.

State Policy Representative (SPR): Responsible for tracking state legislative and regulatory issues of importance to RDs and DTRs. Communicates local policy issues and The Academy policy priorities to WSDA and affiliates. Coordinates appointments with state contacts (i.e. governor's office, state health officials, state legislatures). This individual would be a member of the Public Policy Panel.

Legislative Chair and a Legislative Committee: Individuals appointed in most affiliates to oversee state issues important to their home state. ALDA aims to cultivate this leadership within each district association.

ADAPAC: The Academy's political action committee. The AcademyPAC collects funds to be donated to political candidates who support The Academy's priorities.

The Academy's Policy Initiatives and Advocacy Team staff: This group of The Academy staff members located in both the Washington and Chicago offices works on food nutrition and health issues to influence policy at the federal, state and local levels.

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