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Mentoring: Investment in the future of our profession

The first few years as a registered dietitian can feel overwhelming.  The inspiration and guidance of those already in the field can inspire new dietitians to develop a particular skill set and also empower them to confidently embrace new job opportunities.  Regardless of a mentor's dietetic background, one of the greatest gifts that they can provide to a fellow dietitian is a listening ear.  

Please accept this invitation to formally become a mentor for either a new RD or a RD transitioning to another dietetic position.  Serving as a mentor is a two year commitment.  

You can apply by first clicking on the application link below.  Then copy and paste the application into the body of an email addressed to the ALDA office at, which will be reviewed by the Council on Professional Issues Committee.  

Mentors Application

Mentee Application

Academy members are also invited to take advantage of the NEW e-mentoring program.  Access to the site is granted after registration to the program.  Go to: