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Individuals requesting licensure from the State of Alabama must pass an examination under the guidance of the Commission of Dietetic Registration and meet educational and professional experiences outlined by the Alabama Board of Examiners for Dietetics/Nutrition Practice. Each licensed dietitian is required to submit evidence of 30 CEU hours every 2 years. General fees are as follows:

  • Licensure application fee* - $ 100
  • License for 2 year period (duration Sept - Sept)*- $150
  • Initial Total Fees - $250
  • Renewal Fees - $150

*New graduates can apply for a temporary license for 1 year for the initial fee of $100 and an additional $75 fee. Fees for new residents etc. are prorated to the state licensing period.

Need to Renew Your License?  Use the following links to apply online or access the mail-in form. 

+ Online Application

+ Mail-in Application

Once your renewal fee and documents have been received at the state licensure office, it can take up to 2 weeks for everything to be processed. Even if you renew online, you will receive an email with your card but you may not find yourself in the data base until your application has been processed and uploaded to the data base.

Please be sure to notify the State Licensure Office as soon as you have an address or name change. Processing a renewal is delayed when the correct information is not available. These changes can be submitted to the Licensure Board by email at


Once processed and uploaded, you may search for the status of your license using the Licensee Search feature on the Alabama State Board of Examiners for Dietetics and Nutritionists website. Fields may be case sensitive. You may have better results by searching with your license number alone.

Confirmation letters and gold seals will be mailed as quickly as possible.

Questions? Check out the FAQ's at

Licensure Board

+ Elizabeth Sheehan can best respond to your inquiries by email:

Board of Examiners for Dietetics/Nutrition Practice, 400 S. Union St. Suite 445, Montgomery, AL 36104

Ph: 334-265-7125